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REVit? System


The REVit? system mitigates torsional oscillation in the drill string and prevents excessive bottom hole assembly (BHA) and bit acceleration. By precisely adjusting the top drive, rpm torque waves are absorbed and the stick slip cycle is eliminated. As a result, drillers can extend bit runs, avoid unplanned trips due to bit damage or other downhole tool failures, increase the rate of penetration and avoid erratic torque and over-torqued connections for significant savings in drilling time and costs. REVit??software lets the top drive manage stick slip, enabling the driller to focus on drilling as fast as possible.

REVit??System Features

  • Advanced top drive automation that provides real-time stick slip mitigation
  • A monitored service to ensure the correct use of the system
  • An upgrade to the top drive for effectiveness that does not diminish throughout the run
  • A proven, reliable, simple and safe surface-based system which is not prone to down-hole failure experienced by other systems
  • High service quality with minimal driller input

24/7 Support

To ensure optimal performance, the REVit? service includes monitoring, training and reporting through Rigline 24/7?. Nabors'team of certified REVit? analysts provide the parameters to tune the system, ensure that it is being used properly and send reports with detailed metrics and usage scores to the well construction team.

Reduced Drilling Times

Depending on the severity of stick slip and the well type, a customer drilling with REVit? software could save anywhere from one-half to six days in drilling time (and in extreme cases, even greater time savings).

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